Thanks Google!

(even though you don’t tell me where you pull that definition from)

Not the first definition, of course, but the second.  I am in a definite rut.  It was easy to deny the existence of said rut a few weeks ago, but it’s definitely here now!  I am in a pattern of behavior that has become both dull and unproductive and I’m finding it hard to change that.  I’m talking about my position day to day as well as my career in general.  Maybe I’m just getting the end of the semester work blues.

Either way, I’ve found myself wondering if I should even write this post for fear of sounding unprofessional or that I’m not producing anything in my job.  I feel like the truth of the matter is that not every day is perfect.  And also, the first step of any kind of rehab: Admitting that you have a problem.  So this post just means I’m on my way to remedying the situation.

I like to think and maybe even know that even the most superstar librarians get this way, so I’m trying to not feel self-conscious.  Instead, I went looking for answers.  The second result: How To: Get Out of a Rut from AskMen.

“There’s no quick fix to getting out of a rut, but there are definitely tricks to avoid the rut and tools to help make your time there shorter. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already in a rut, so roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work.”

1. Identify the Problem

2. Strategize a Winning Plan

3. Follow Through

3 steps!  That’s easy enough. 🙂

Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a self-help junkie!  Not that I buy into everything and swear by it, but rather I enjoy reading the larger hot mess and finding little gems that will work for me.

While Forbes has some really great insights on rut and how to change your thinking:

I’m more of an action plan sort of gal.  Here’s an okay one from Huffington Post:

“take a different route to work or get your morning coffee from a new coffee shop. Get out of your comfort zone to give you exposure to new people and opportunities.”

That’s a good a start as any.  LifeHack has a few more physical tips as well (I literally just typed out the word “types” as I said the word “tips” in my head……):

Going to give these a shot and we’ll see how it goes.  I will say though that judging on the plethora of articles that came up on the subject, it’s not a new nor is it an unusual thing.

P.S: Congratulations to all those new Masters of Library Science roaming around North Carolina!!!  You did it!  Welcome!!!


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