Marketing: What they Don’t Teach You in Library School

As the Online Learning Librarian, my job initiatives focus on what would be best for online students.  Most recently though, as I’m getting a handle on this job and the culture here, my job is focusing on marketing.


Marketing: the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling. (
Pretty sure I’ve been using that wrong?  Where do they get their definitions?  Hmm…. Well, I’m focusing on the advertising part of it.  I have met with all of the heads of the online programs and sent out numerous emails to the students themselves, numerous emails to the faculty, recorded sessions about what we offer through the faculty office……what more can I do?
 Right now, I’m working with the head of our department and also the Instructional Design Coordinator to come up with a “menu” of our services.  What I’m noticing is it’s hard to push one service to DE students and/or it’s hard to know what they want from the library.  The DE/online student population is so diverse that they all need different things and they all want different things from us.  I would love to do a survey and find out how they view our library and what they need from us, but I’ll do something else instead.
I tried doing research on marketing initiatives for DE, but I’m not finding the kinds of things I’m looking for.  It’s a lot about, yes it’s a problem, or they talk about simple solutions we’ve already tried.  Or they talk about general, go through the faculty.  Yes, but in what ways?  I’m still searching around so maybe that article’s out there somewhere.
Possible article?:  What do you do when all the tools are there, but no one is using them?
I am by no means an expert though and I do not have it figured out.  But when I do, I know there’s an article there just waiting to be written!

2 thoughts on “Marketing: What they Don’t Teach You in Library School

  1. I don’t know why more library schools don’t have a marketing class. I feel like it’s talked about in my classes, about how the library doesn’t do a great job of marketing its services…but no class. Seems weird.

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