The Trip and First Impressions

The trip:

Awful!  But I will say that it could have been worse.  I had to fly from Richmond, VA to Newark, New Jersey to Hong Kong, China to Singapore.  There was a typhoon in Hong Kong, so my flight to and from there was delayed 3 hours.  The landing and take-off were so bumpy and for those of you who know me, I am already clinging on to my arm rests for dear life on the most tranquil of flights.  So that was terrible for my nerves!  Anyway,  my flights all left and didn’t get cancelled and I made it to Singapore safely, so thank goodness for that!  I got to my hostel at about 3:30am and they email said that it had 24 hour reception, but apparently the night person quit a few days before.  Luckily, some experienced tenants were up and about.  They showed me where some things were and I just grabbed a bed for the night.  Everything was sorted in the morning.

Field Notes:

1. They drive on the other side in Singapore.  (Opposite of the US)

2. Tire is spelled Tyre…… unless that was just one instance from someone who couldn’t spell

3. There was a little girl in the Newark airport and one in the Hong Kong airport and they were playing the same “game” of hopping on the airport furniture.  Funny how they chose the same manner of play and they were from almost opposite sides of the world.

4. Two boys were playing rock, paper, scissors in Hong Kong airport.  I knew exactly what they were doing even though it was a different language.

5. 711 and Carl’s Jr.  Eventually saw a McDonalds and apparently they have Burger King and a friend I made says that KFC is her favorite for the fried chicken.  When I told her that that wasn’t the best fast food friend chicken there was, she flipped out!

6. Traffic cones look the same

7. Met some peeps from different countries through my new professionals group and we discovered something cool while having drinks on a rooftop bar one night:

What we Americans call the Big Dipper is the Great Wagon in Germany, the Great or Big Saucepan in Australia, and the Great Bear in France.

8. Couldn’t figure out why everyone was shying away from the intersection when trying to cross the street and then I realized that they were just being smart!  They were waiting in the shade rather than the sun until the light changed.


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