My Journey to SIN and Back

No, I don’t have to say it like that, but I think it’s funny that the abbreviation for Singapore is SIN.

About my trip:

A while back, I submitted a paper proposal for the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions’ Social Science Libraries Section.  The topic was Libraries: A Force for Change and about how libraries can support, document, and engage in social movements.  Well it got accepted!  I also submitted it early to put my hat in the ring for the student awards.  I won!!  So now, a year after I was devastated that I didn’t win a scholarship to attend IFLA in Finland, I am attending in Singapore, and presenting and getting an award.  That sounds braggy, but it’s really just shock and awe.

So you know the who, what, where, and why.  When?  From August 13th until the 27th.  The conference is from the 18th to the 22nd.  I joined a new professionals camp for the two days before the conference and it takes two days to get there.  How does it take two days to get there and 1 to get back??  No tengo ningun idea!  (Sometimes I feel like Spanish phrases contain more of the emotion I’m trying to convey than English ones do.

I was originally supposed to spend the extra 4 days after the conference in Bangladesh with my pal Hamida, but it didn’t work out.  So now I have those days to hang out and see more of Singapore.

It was a bit nostalgic leaving for my trip from Richmond International Airport because the last time I left from there was in 2006 for my very first trip abroad to Spain to study for a semester.  This trip has some big shoes to fill because I met some friends for life in Spain.  No pressure Singapore!


2 thoughts on “My Journey to SIN and Back

  1. Hi Tamara! I was just checking in on “my favorite fan”. 🙂 Congratulations on the IFLA acceptance! It was an incredible experience, no? I presented at last year’s conference in Finland, in the Knowledge Management section, about the Youth202 program. I no longer am with DC Public Library, but am still doing work in that field. Would love to stay in touch. Be well.

    • Hi!! I am so glad you checked in! Thank you so much. It definitely was an amazing experience. I still can’t believe sometimes that I got to go to Singapore to present a paper. I am still working on more and new opportunities to push my librarianship career forward so I can get up to your caliber. 🙂 I saw on your LinkedIn that you are still working with youth, which is great. It is clear you have a passion for it. I would love to stay in touch as well! My email is Best wishes.

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