It happened!  I graduated!!!!!  I am now a Master of Library Science.

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve posted on this blog and with good reason.  But now I’m back and hoping to add some more direction to this thing.

While before I spent my time doing coursework, and student chapter and internship duties, now I’m busy applying for jobs and trying to stay active in the field until I find something.  I feel that is my biggest hurdle now.  I’ve gained a ton of momentum with all of my activities and I don’t want to lose it during the summer.

The problem is that I don’t know where I will be at summer’s end, so I don’t want to commit myself to too much here in NC.  I am applying for opportunities all across the country.  Most of them will begin in July or August.  These next few months will be pretty unstable.

Since I last posted I:

– Got my paper proposal accepted for the international library conference and I get to present it in Singapore in August

– Participated in National Library Legislative Day in Washington, DC for three days

– Presented at the Pop Culture Conference in DC

– Presented a poster on my information literacy research

– Presented research that I’m doing as part of my graduate assistantship

– Wrote the literature review as part of the research project I worked on with NC LIVE

– Got a job as a Library Assistant with Richard B. Harrison (RBH) Public Library in Raleigh

– Graduated!!!!

Now I am:

– Completing research on the health information seeking of Latinos in NC (maybe presenting at NCLA conference in October)

– Starting up a project with NCLA

– Working at RBH

– Applying to jobs

– Spectrum Scholar leadership institute at ALA conference in June

– Presenting in Singapore in August

– Crafting and pleasure reading!!

– Reading to keep up with what’s going on in librarianship

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I think I want this blog to morph into a fountain of information about preparing oneself in grad school for the profession and, when I get a job, about being a new professional.  I’ve sort of been heading that way by posting about all the things I’ve been involved in and the opportunities I’ve taken advantage of.  I’ll be trying to do more of that though.

So, stay tuned because I feel that great things are ahead!!


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