Hello 2013!

Yes, I know it’s been over 2 months since its beginning, but I’ve been so busy with the million and one things I’m doing to get myself ready for graduation and my first librarian gig (fingers crossed), I’ve been a tad busy.

Graduate Assistantship

Internship with NC LIVE

Two classes

Part-time job as a page at a public library

Duties as President of my ALA student chapter

Two blogs: this one (which I’ve neglected) and a craft blog I just started (beingsuperandbetter.tumblr.com) ((why did I do this to myself?))

Trying not to forget to be social

Fun reading

Educational reading

I’m exhausted!!!

Anyway, I did want to share something though. I like self-help books. After undergrad, after I finished what I was “supposed to do”, I didn’t have a clue as to what came next. I realized I had to do something with what I studied besides learning it. Self-help books helped me get motivated and pointed me in a direction. Granted, I would pick and choose what I wanted to adhere to because, what do they know about my life??

A little while ago, I requested the usual, a book called “Twenty Something: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck.” By the time it came in, I had forgotten all about it. And when I held it in my hands, it didn’t hold any interest to me. I’m usually excited and filled with optimism.

I realized that it didn’t feel the same because I didn’t need it! For the first time, I was twenty something and I wasn’t stuck!

Now I’m not recounting this to rub it in anyone’s face. I’m posting this to say, if you’re stuck looking for meaning and direction (which is normal!) and thinking about throwing your hands up and doing the dishes, don’t give up! The feeling I had was euphoric, orgasmic even, and it’s definitely worth going through all that mess.

I am (will be) Librarian, hear me roar!!…… in 3 months. 🙂


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