Resumes are the New Hot Topic

Last night our ALA student chapter had its first event, a resume review workshop.



We had 3 professionals involved in libraries come and sit down with students on a rotating basis   to review their resumes and give advice.  These lovely people:


Tiffany Allen: Director of Library Human Resources at UNC Library

Rich Murray: Duke librarian and author of What Do Employers Want: A Guide for Library Students

Tamika Barnes: Library Director at the EPA
were spectacular and none of the students came out crying, which is always a plus!  I was really worried in the beginning about the turnout, but we had around 10-12 students get in and the original 5-6pm time limit went to around 7pm.
Today, at my shift at Cameron Village, I ran across this book:
I am an avid user of Pinterest, but I browsed the book to see if there are some tips that I hadn’t known about and I came across a new way to use it!
You can pin your resume!
This is one of my favorites and I am completely jealous of her cool looking resume.  I’ve always been a fan of infographics ever since I saw it used at the Public Library Association in one of the sessions I went to.  They used it as a great way to show the value of the public library.
There are tips on creating your own infographics here and also here.
I haven’t gone through to try them all, but when I do, I will post an update.
From what I’ve been told, there is no way that this would be allowed in a physical format, but it’s a fun way for people to see you and your experience on paper.  Plus, it will be a blast getting to try out this new technology.
And lastly, speaking of technology, I was introduced to a new app recently and now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I am a bit obsessed.  The app is called SuperBetter.  The person who told me about it is in med school and she said that some doctors are prescribing it for people with anxiety and other issues like that.  Here’s their graphic on how it works:
When you choose your problem, it gives you quests, powerups, bad guys, and future boosts, which you can complete whenever you want and when you do, you click the ‘I did this’ button and it logs it for you.
I think it’s a great way to get handy tips to help solve certain types of problems and for me, it’s a great way to stay mindful of the daily things I want to do to better myself.  I love it!
If anyone else has some great apps or new technology that I must know about, please let me know!  I’m starving for new toys.

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