I Feel Like a Celebrity!

If you’ve been following, you know that I studied abroad in Denmark this summer and had a blast!  Well, a fellow traveler of mine posted this article on my Facebook page.  This picture is from a gathering we had with us US students and some of our Danish guest lecturers and some others from the school.  Well, here’s the article and the featured picture stars yours truly and my fellow LIS student Teresa!


Here’s the translation: (thanks Google!)



Across the Atlantic to study libraries
For the fifth year in a row, Dr. Ismail Abdullahi, along with students from North Carolina Central University School of Library and Information Science, visited Denmark to study libraries. The visit was again this year began with a week of lectures and discussions on the IVA. 13 students participated.


Ragnhild Riis (right) with two American students


The purpose of the study tour to Denmark is to seek out and deal with the very significant differences in education and library practice on the two continents. A lecture theme was to determine whether there is a Nordic model for libraries. For example, what characterizes this model, the role of the public library has played in the development of the Danish welfare state, and how the Danish public library manages to evolve in line with digitization and changing lifestyles, so it still appears as an attractive cultural activities for people of all ages .


Another lecture Asked focus on a new trend that is about the interaction between library and Urban Development, where students learned about current national and international examples of municipal authorities and other stakeholders increasingly see the library as a partner in local development projects. There was this year also devoted a morning to be introduced to the IVA experience from entrepreneurship in education. Our guests heard about how a group of graduate students had strengthened their action competence by teaching consciously organize an interaction and interplay between work theoretically and practically with the culture of self-selected projects.


Dr. Ismail Abdullahi and students invited to a small informal gathering where there was opportunity both to mark cooperate and consult with the student’s immediate impression. The students enjoyed being in Denmark and was thrilled with what they saw – except for pocket thieves in Copenhagen. The combination of lectures and impressions from library visits, among other things Holmbladsgade, DR, The Royal Library, Helsingør and Malmö gave radically different approach to their study and future jobs. Our guests expressed great respect for the Danish cand.scient.bibl. training, they would like to be a part of.


Not surprisingly, the students were speechless over the many bicycles everywhere all day!
By Ragnhild Riis


This was so exciting to see!  Also, this same student that alerted me to this article participated in one of his own!

Testimonials from Exchange Students at IVA




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