Get Your Hands Dirty

It has officially been a week since I began my internship at Meredith College. On Friday, I asked my supervisor for a project that I could possibly do a poster presentation for at the ACRL conference this year and she gave me a weeding project.  They’ve been trying to weed the reference collection for a while now and it’s slow going, so essentially I will be putting together some guidelines for them and eventually maybe take pictures of the collections and shelves/space and see the possibilities in what they could do with it.  That’s the fun part!  As for the rest, I’m having a little difficulty finding concrete how-tos on weeding.  I’m looking for best practices/ storytelling/reenactments of how colleges have successfully weeded their reference collection.   Have any of you run across any resources or had this experience yourselves?   I’m really excited for the opportunity and can’t wait for it to come together.  Hopefully it becomes robust enough to submit a proposal for the poster session.  It’s amazing what opportunities come your way when you ask for them!  😉


2 thoughts on “Get Your Hands Dirty

  1. When I first started at ITT Tech, I discussed weeding guidelines with JR. I still have our e-mail correspondences, so when I get back to work tomorrow I’ll send some of our guidelines your way.

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