ALA 2012 Day 1 and 2

DAY 1 Our flight from RDU left at 6am, so that meant meeting at the airport at 4am.  After all of the transportation and hotel logistics, our group of about 17 IMLS scholars got settled into the Hyatt Regency at around 1:15pm.  We then met for lunch at Oggi’s and then got all of our registration materials from the convention center.  We then split up and some of us went to Target to get some items we were missing and then another scholar and I went to the nail salon.  I got a fantastic manicure!   At the 2012 PLA Conference, I met Crystal Schimpf, who is a Public Computer Center Trainer for the Colorado State Library, and she is attending ALA as well, so we met up to go to a librarian social at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel.  I met some other lovely librarians who were very sweet and shared their wealth of knowledge with me and I talked with the Director of Library Development and Innovation at the Colorado State Library about doing a presentation on the libraries in Denmark!  Yay for networking!  I would have loved to continue, but unfortunately we were all given a curfew, so I had to retreat back to the hotel before the clock struck 11:00pm.   Day 2 The entire group was required to go to the Getty Museum, so we met at 9pm to take a bus there.  I got some great pictures of the garden and there was an amazing exhibit on the photography of Herb Ritts.  We were done by 3:00pm and I made it to catch the end of the Emerging Leaders poster session.  It was great to see how these amazing Librarians took an issue and created a solution.  Next, was the opening session where Rebecca MacKinnon talked about the government injustices being done using the Internet.  It was pretty disgusting to learn how governments are invading the privacies of their citizens.  Afterward, I attended a dinner sponsored by ALA’s College Libraries Section.  It was held at Mr. Stox and we had:   Artichoke ravioli on sundried tomato cream Greek Salad A veggie plate with fresh vegetables surrounding roasted garlic mashed potatoes on a pureed basil sauce topped with onion rings Chocolate gateau   It was one of the most delicious meals that I’ve ever had!  The artichoke ravioli was to die for!  I also met some very knowledgable librarians from all over the country.  I had a great time and I’m glad that I was able to attend.   ALA 2012 is off to a great start!!


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