Copenhagen: Day 1 – Distortion

When I was searching for things I wanted to do when I got to Copenhagen, Distortion is one of the things I came across.  It is essentially a music festival that lasts a week and it revolves around DJs and dancing.  Each floor have different styles of music like Hip-hop and reggae, house, trance, and there was even a tent with 30s music.  We didn’t get into Copenhagen until Saturday morning, so I bought my ticket for the final party that was happening that night.  I did so without confirming if anyone would be able to go with me (which was the safer thing to do), so I was pretty much a nervous wreck trying to round up some others.  There were four of us who wanted to go, but in the shuffle of the day, it ended up just being Eric and I.  In the end, it was the best thing because it was crazy getting around and it would’ve been even harder with 4 people.

The street party was to start at 6:00pm, so after a nap (I was exhausted! See previous blog post) Eric and I headed out at 5:30.  I wasn’t my usual planning self and I didn’t figure out where we needed to be ahead of time, so we just went in the general direction and started asking random people.  This turned out to be very entertaining.  We met several cool characters like “Salmon pants” who was a guy with salmon pants and when he realized he needed to wait for the water taxi, he said something to the effect of “oh well.  14 more minutes drinking in the sun”.  He then proceeded to drink from a coke bottle, which I’m sure had other ingredients besides coke.  This was a regular thing as we were walking around.  There are no open container laws, so various others were walking around and drinking beer and on the water taxi, there was even a woman who got on carrying a bottle of wine and some paper cups.  We actually ran into her at the actual festival and I told her that I remembered her with the wine and she said that we should have asked because she was giving cups of wine away.  She said you always ask because the worst you can get is a no.  We also talked to a very handsome fellow with dark hair, olive skin, and British accent complete with a pinstripe blazer and fedora.  He and his friend, who was from Sweden, met up in Copenhagen.  We met all sorts of cool people that night.  I also saved a restaurant from going up in flames!  I stopped at a restaurant on a boat to use the restroom and as we were leaving, I noticed that the red carpet they had leading up to the restaurant had flipped over onto the open flamed canister torches they had on either side.  I saw and waved down a waiter and said “you’re rug is on fire” and he said “oh ok thank you”, then I guess it sunk in and he said “On fire?!” and he came and had to stomp the fire out.  I didn’t get a medal though.  😦

Anyway, we ended up getting to the festival after walking around and water taxiing to places we didn’t need to go at around 8pm, our goal because that’s when the 3 minute rave started (although we didn’t make it to it).  There were pre-parties happening outside of the actual venue.  Even though I printed out my ticket ahead of time, I still had to wait in line with Eric, who needed a ticket, to get a wristband.  This was pure mayhem!  There was just a huge mob of people waiting and nudging, no lines whatsoever.  We all got really close and personal to say the least.  Behind me was this girl who kept grinding her but on me so I did it back once and she said “Ooo I want more!”.  There was a lot of Danish going on and a couple next to us was speaking English and we finally pushed our way up front.  The funny part was when this other guy got his ticket and needed to get out, he pretended like he needed to throw up and it was like Moses and the Red Sea!  He got out very quickly!

We got our tickets and checked out what they had, got food and drinks and then we danced it all off.  It was very freeing and a totally different atmosphere than I’m used to in American clubs.  Everyone was just having an amazing time and moving in time with the music, guys and girls.  There weren’t any excessively drunk people that I saw, no fights, just love and good music.  The Danes do it right!  We left around 12:00am after we held our own on the dance floor to “Jump Around”.  I almost got taken out a few times, but it was a great time.  As we were leaving, there were still people in a mob around the ticket booth to get in.

Last event, we were wandering around, trying to find our way back (the water taxi wasn’t open) and a very drunk girl tried to take a turn and skid off her bike with her items scattered into the street.  Three guys helped her up and we passed her, then later on she passed us again, swerving into the street and almost hitting a car.  One of the rare glimpses of drunkenness.

I LOVED Distortion and I definitely plan to return every year!  I’m going to make it a point to save up and come back and I recommend you do the same! 🙂

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