Copenhagen: Day 1

We have 13 students traveling in our group and we were to meet at the airport at 11:00am for our 1:00pm flight to JFK, then our flight to CPH (Copenhagen).  We had a late0-comer and if you know me, then you know that this did nothing but negative things to my anxiety.  I’m a worrier, so I had to live with the stress of traveling a little while longer.  We have a great group though.  Our first flight to JFK was pretty standard and our professor, Dr. Abdullahi actually sat next to a Library Science professor who was also taking a group of students to Copenhagen.  I was a little thrown when we arrived at JFK though.  I’ve never flown into this airport, so I don’t know if it’s standard to get off the plane and have to walk through makeshift hamster tunnels to get into the actual airport.  It was a bit jarring to say the least.


During our layover, we met a guy who was originally from Denmark, but grew up in NY.  He was a pilot so he got to fly to a lot of different places.  He gave us a lot of suggestions on places to eat and see and he also gave Hind and I a warning that a bunch of blond, andonis-like Danish guys would be climbing all over us because we would be considered exotic (Hind is from Saudi Arabia).


The flight into Copenhagen was long and I only got a little bit of sleep.  The video system wasn’t working so the only thing we watched for the 7 and some change hours was an update on how many km/miles we’d travelled, how much time we had left and our placement on the map.


When we landed, we had the grand tasks of getting our luggage, changing money and getting a metro ticket.  With 4 people (the number of study abroad people last year) I can imagine it was fairly tame, but with the 13 we had, it took forever.  About 2 hours to be exact.


After we were all set to go, we took the metro to our stop at Forum and we walked the rest of the way to the Hotel Euroglobe.  When I stick my head out of our window, there is a great view of the public library down the street.  The buildings are beautiful here!  They are perfectly old with all different shades and types of brick and some are different colors.


After putting our things down and taking an hour to regroup, we were off again to see some of the city.  We walked through our neighborhood, where we saw gas at 12.99/gallon!  We Americans can NOT complain! lol


It was extremely dreary and rainy, so I had to change from my tights into rolled up jeans.  It would rain one minute, stop, then sprinkle and stop for 10 minutes, then rain, etc etc.  It was like that all day.  Welcome to Copenhagen! 🙂


We happened upon a Turkish festival of sorts.  Apparently, they were celebrating Turkish heritage all weekend.  We also walked down the main strip for shopping, where there was live music and art.  Our last stop as a group was the pier where they were having a sandcastle making festival thing.  At this point, a lot of us were super exhausted from jet lag and lack of sleep, so we took a metro back to the hotel where I took a nap before Distortion!!


Here are the pictures:


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One thought on “Copenhagen: Day 1

  1. I am glad you made it there safe 🙂 Distortion sounds like an experience you will never forget so that is something to cherish and you have only just got there! You pictures are awesome. My favorites (although hard to pick) were probably the one with the giant tower in the distance and the train tracks in front along with the amazing clouds, Then of course that amazing mural and the ones around the city were cool too. I love glimpses into other cultures. It is safe to same I am extremely jealous now. I hope that no blond, andonis-like Danish guys gave you a hard time. I am sure you looked stunning and that does not help with those situations. Thx for posting your first glimpse of Denmark I look forward to seeing more. Keep having fun and be safe!

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