And the Adventure Begins…..

I haven’t posted in almost a month, but with good reason (at least I think so anyway).  I have been moving, volunteering for a Durham County public library, still working as a Page at Cameron Village, working as a Server and sometimes Cashier at Cracker Barrel, AND  gearing up for my study abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark!


South Regional Public Library: At a networking breakfast I attended, I was expressing my frustration that I wasn’t getting adequate public library experience while working as a Page, so one of the other attendees suggested that I begin volunteering and he gave me a contact with South Regional.  I’ve been here since the beginning of April and I have already gotten some great experiences!  I love working the reference desk, although I don’t get very many reference questions.  I like getting to help people.  I have also gotten to translate a language learning program pamphlet from English to Spanish.  I hope to do some more of that.  I have also been in contact with the Outreach Coordinator for the county and because their program coordinator for Spanish-speakers is out for the summer, I may be helping them with that.  I am very much looking forward to doing some of the things that my future outreach position may entail.


Study Abroad:  Tomorrow is the big day!  I get to the airport at 11:00am and we will be flying out of RDU at 1:00pm for Copenhagen!  At the moment, I am a little stressed because, as per usual, I am not packed nor do I have all of my things ready.  I have already bought my ticket for Distortion, the huge music street festival that will be nearing its end this weekend.  The Final Party has different areas with DJs spinning music from all different genres, a 3 minute rave, circus tents, container towers, etc!  It’s going to be a blast and ‘when in Denmark’, right?  I’m just hoping I can come up with a buddy to go with me.  I am also looking forward to trying some new food and I’ve been forming a very rough idea of a research paper that I can use this experience for, so I’m ready to listen, learn, and absorb everything Danish!


I will be blogging while I’m over there so stay tuned and follow me!


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