Reflections on the 2012 Public Library Association conference

I’ve posted all of the notes I took on the sessions I attended, but for the most part I left out my comments.


Overall, though the shock of the cost of the entire trip is still on my mind, I really enjoyed the conference.  It was my first national one and I was super intimidated before I went and while I was there, but I learned so much and it inspired me.  I became a little disappointed with my own library after seeing these sessions, but one of the librarians I met reminded me that these were the best of the best libraries.  Something to work towards!


I was very disappointed with the opening and closing sessions.  It felt as though they were just there as big names.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke about the environment the entire time, never once saying anything about libraries or librarianship.  All that he said about the environment was fascinating and interesting, but I kept waiting for him to tie it back and that didn’t happen.  The session with Betty White was just an interview with her about her career, book and love of animals.  At least she said something about librarians, they “do good work”.


Now it’s all over, I can’t wait to start my career.  I can’t wait to start doing my part to move the field of librarianship and moving libraries into the 21st century.  There’s a lot of work to be done and everyone that presented at the conference showed me what needs to be done.

I also met some great ladies who were very supportive and had a lot of fantastic advice for me.  I’m very hopeful for the future! 🙂

Regrets: I wish I had talked to more people and did more things, but I was extremely overwhelmed.  Overall I’m happy with everything I did take part in though.  I took a lot away from it, which was my goal, and I think I had an admirable first showing.


4 thoughts on “Reflections on the 2012 Public Library Association conference

  1. Sounds like a very worthwhile trip, even with the short list of regrets and the keynote speakers who seemed to forget what conference they were at! ALA is up next! 🙂

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