#PLA12 Social Media and Your Marketing Strategy

Day 1 of sessions here at the PLA conference in Philadelphia. The first session I went to was all about exactly what the title says.

Julie Theado was first and she talked about the efforts to incorporate social media into her Columbus Metropolitan (Ohio) Library.

Social media tools are great for communicating with patrons and seeing the immediate results of things you do for your library.

The tools she mentioned were:

(I was shocked by pinterest, but later on in the notes it becomes clearer how they used it)

use facebook chats once a month with librarians for information and author chats as an event

Who Knew Wednesdays- from info line, they choose to answer some of the more interesting questions

Facebook ads

To allow patron to become a part of the conversation

Reach out to bloggers and form relationships. They can advertise for you

Share story
Use to put videos on other sites

Create book lists
Pin historic photos

Johannes Neuer is the communications manager for the New York Public Library

– Important to get management support
Goals are to use social media to raise awareness and drive website traffic

– Important to prepare staff: classes, summit where you also recognize staff taking part in social media efforts (best tweet award), and internal google groups

Other social media avenues he mentioned that Julie didn’t were:

He also presented a chart on what tools were used for what purpose. (will post later when I can make it pretty)

At NYPL, they do automatic tweeting using social flow, which uses an algorithm that watches feeds for popular topics then chooses from their queue of blog posts for which to post

Also said not to forget about email as a good marketing tool

Use to connect collections with places
Create incentives for checking in
Share tips with followers and visitors

Mentioned some other tools used to monitor results:
Meltwater buzz
Google analytics

I was keeping an eye on the #PLA12 twitter feed and there were some great tips there too:
Use google alerts for your library
Use QR codes in marketing

Lastly, Nate Riggs is the President of Social Business Strategies for Columbus Metropolitan (Ohio) Library.

He said that Pinterest will help the library become aware of interests of the moment depending on what gets repinned.

Something interesting he said was that in the US, Pinterest is largely used by women, but in Europe, it’s largely used by men

A helpful tip was to change the link on the pins to redirect people to wherever you want, such as library website. Later in the question and answer portion he also warned that If you don’t change the links, Pinterest uses a program that goes in and changes them to lead people to the sites of their affiliates.

He mentioned QR codes and creating mobile optimized websites because people are more receptive to them. Tools like Scanlife and 44 doors are helpful.

Using location-based tools like:
Google places
4square – checkin to unlock specials

On the 30th, facebook is changing all facebook profiles to Timeline, so he talked about how to use that to help create a story of the library. Other facebook tools are facebook groups and lists.

You can also customize facebook apps to do librarian chats and use the Timeline cover photo to advertise events.
He used the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library as an example.

Pagelever – facebook analytics
Tweetadder – search for twitter followers

In the Q&A, a good question was regarding copyright laws and Pinterest. Nate said that there are still some unknowns about that because they are deciding if it’s under the Fair Use Act.

Great and informative session! Happy I went…..even though I didn’t get the free YA books in the YA books for adults session! 🙂


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