PLA Conference Day 1, 2 & 3

I’ve run into a bit of a hiccup on the blogging everyday thing. My expensive hotel, Embassy Suites Center City, doesn’t offer free wifi. So I have resorted to posting on my phone using the iPhone app that leaves much to be desired.

Day 1:

On Sunday, we drove into Philly and hit a road block. Apparently they were having the St. Patrick’s Day parade a week early and it was on the street directly in front of our hotel. After driving around block after block, we talk to a cop and he let’s us pass through the road blocks and the parade to get there. My boyfriend, whose name is Patrick McGarry, was in a right state trying to get situated so he could join his fellow Irishmen drunkenly dancing in the streets. After the 7 hour drive though, we needed some time to rest so we missed the parade, but we didn’t miss all the drunk people packed into the Irish pubs. That’s all you could see on our walk to find beer and food…..oh yeah and a fight. Patrick filmed it while I stayed around the corner. I’m not into seeing people fight. It makes me cry.
Anyway, we got food and beer and bought bus tickets to NYC.

Day 2:

Patrick heard that you could get really cheap tickets to NYC from Philly, so on Monday, day 2, we left at 8:30am. I have a friend who lives there and we met up with her and here’s what we did in 12 hours: a walk through Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park, Times Square, the Museum of Modern Art (all of it!), Central Park, and Times Square again before we left at 9:30pm. Whew!! We were exhausted by the end!

Day 3: we slept in a bit after our long day before. When we did get up, I went to the convention center to get my badge holder and the bag of goodies. On the way there I met Crystal who works in Colorado training librarians to use tech resources so they can teach patrons. She was extremely nice and it was also her first national conference. I was invited to lunch but I already had plans. We’re going to try to meet up later in the week though. Patrick and I went to lunch and then Chinatown to see if I could find a solid colored purse. That ended up taking hours and hours but I found two!
To cap the evening, Patrick’s friend and his girlfriend invited us for dinner and we went for drinks after.

For me, the conference begins today, Wednesday. I’ll be heading over soon for the opening session with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Hopefully I can pull out of my shell and meet some new people! 🙂


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