It’s Only Thursday After All

I should be finishing up my writing sample for an internship application, but I’m writing a new blog post about nothing.

My week has been filled with trying to catch up on everything I fell behind on while I was away.  I’m on a committee that is planning a Spring colloquium for NCCU’s SLIS department.  Our program description is: Library professionals focusing on the issue of career placement.  This is a pretty new thing for me, planning a pretty big time event from scratch.  Right now I’m working on securing the building.

On Tuesday, a classmate of mine told me about this article on a library in Alamance county, NC that has stopped accepting an identification that a lot of immigrants use to get library cards.  I was immediately appalled because it goes against everything I’ve been taught in my Library Science education so far.  I took to Facebook, posting the article, then I talked with the professor of my Public Library course about what I can do.  I’ve emailed REFORMA, an organization that supports library services to Latinos and Spanish-speaking people, so I’m just waiting to hear back from them.

I’m applying for summer internships now, two of which need to be done by tomorrow.  One is to be a Library Intern with CNN in Atlanta and the other is a Research and Publications Intern position with the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) in DC.  The ELI application requires an analytical essay writing sample of 3-5 pages.  I searched and searched through old papers, but I didn’t have anything matching the

description, so I had to seek out a topic and write one from scratch.  I chose this one from the samples of GRE issue topics:

Claim: It is no longer possible for a society to regard any living man or woman as a hero.

Reason: The reputation of anyone who is subjected to media scrutiny will eventually be diminished.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the 

reason on which that claim is based.

I’m having a little trouble reaching 3 pages, but hopefully I can pull it together today and send it in.

I have a group project meeting tomorrow afternoon where we have to create and information literacy program for an academic library.

Lastly, I’m still trying to put together a research project that combines my undergraduate education in Sociology or my interest in Cultural Anthropology and library science.  I have a lot of research to do to form a coherent and relevant research question.


          AND on Sunday, very early in the morning, my boyfriend and I will begin the drive up to Philadelphia so we can have some vacation time and so I can attend the Public Library Association conference over Spring Break.  (Yes, I did decide to spend the money and attend)  Because I am spending so much money on hotel, gas, and conference costs, I really really want to make this experience worthwhile.  My goals are to learn a bit and get an idea of the main topics in public librarianship and NETWORKING!!  I hate to use that word though because it always brings up ideas of people being fake so they can use those contacts later.  I’m really just interested in learning from the other attendees.  At NCLA, everyone was so nice and they are in the trenches so they gave me a real view into the career and I want the same for this conference.  I couldn’t volunteer this time, which I found out is the best way to get in and meet people right away, so I’m looking for other things to do.  We will get there and check in on Sunday and the conference doesn’t start until Wednesday night (minus the pre conference) so I’m also looking for things to do in Philly.  We’ve been there once before and saw a ton.  It will be nice to get away, but I’m super nervous.  I’m going to have to be very outgoing and just go right up to people and insert myself into conversations and make an experience out of it.  Pressure!!!

Boring post comes to a close.  I will try my very hardest to post every day of my trip, so keep watch and have a fantastic weekend!


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