Spring 2012 UPDATE

My second semester of library school is well underway and if I was rethinking giving myself plenty of free time at the beginning, I am leaving it alone now!


We had a meeting for IMLS scholars yesterday and there are a few things in the works.  As part of the scholarship, we have to plan a colloquium for March/April.  I submitted an idea last semester based on my blog idea ‘Rethink “Librarian”‘.  So right now we’re trying to put together topic ideas for sessions and people we want to invite and set a date.  I volunteered for that committee thinking that it will be a great chance to get some event planning and organizing experience.


We will also have a Literary Tea at NCCU in February sometime.  The parents of a former student donated a ton of first edition books from authors of the Harlem Renaissance and so the Dean wants people to choose and read a book and attend the Literary Tea where you discuss it.  I already have a lot cooking, so I didn’t outright volunteer, but I’m going to try to fit it in.


Our first ALA student chapter meeting is on Thursday and we have some great things planned:

  •  An event where our advisor, Dr. Abdullahi, is going to talk about his trip to Japan and about study abroad opportunities
  • Trip to the Library of Congress
  • Raise money for the Presidential Spectrum Scholarship
  • The ALA Past President, Roberta Stevens, will come speak with us
  • Resume workshop at one of our meetings

I am in charge of getting specifics for the Library of Congress trip.  Hopefully that will work out because I’ve never been and would love to go.


I am also trying to start working on some projects with my mentor who works for NC LIVE.  Not official yet, but right now it’s looking like helping with some strategic planning in the areas of social media and outreach and also working with creating Spanish language materials.


Also as part of our IMLS scholarship, we have to volunteer.  My volunteer project was working on organizing the art library for the art department at NCCU, but due to some administration issues between the library and the art department, we are at a stopping point with that until they get it settled between them.  I’ve been wanting to practice Spanish more, so I am thinking about volunteering for El Pueblo in some capacity.  On their website, there’s an opportunity to do some survey work at the Mexican consulate where I’ll be able to use Spanish.  That would be ideal because I would love to work internationally in some way, so maybe I can go the extra mile (if I get the volunteer position) and make some contacts there.


Lastly, I really really really want to be able to present a poster, paper or get something published while I am in school.  I’ve tried to reach out to 3 professionals so far and have gotten nothing to guide on how to get that done.  I mentioned it in our scholarship meeting yesterday and the Dean invited me to schedule time with her to talk about it, so maybe something will come out of that.


Well folks, there you have it!  Last week, a fellow student of mine mentioned that she was involved in 3 internships this semester and that got me feeling like a slacker.  No matter how many times I told myself that I can’t judge myself against others, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough.  Well now that’s not the case! 🙂  I’ve got many good things to focus on, along with applying for scholarships (I applied for scholarships to attend the PLA conference in March and the IFLA in Finland in August), attending conferences and professional association meetings.  My summer is already booked with a study abroad to Denmark, the ALA and IFLA conferences, but I’m applying for some internships just to see what happens and I’ve already got an internship with Meredith College pretty much lined up for next semester.


Cheers to librarianship!


4 thoughts on “Spring 2012 UPDATE

  1. Hi! This is my second semester as an NCCU library school student as well. I heard about the ALA student chapter meeting but I wasn’t able to go. I’m particularly interested in the Library of Congress trip as I’ve never been to DC and it would be an incredibly exciting opportunity. I’m also a member of SEAALL (Southeastern Association of Law Librarians) and an considering attending their conference in Tampa in March.

    You’re sure a busy bee. 🙂 Good luck this semester!

    • Well hello! If you want to join the NCCU-ALA Facebook group, as well as the NCCUSLIS student group on yahoo, you’ll be sure to be included in all that we have going on. We will also have flyers and things going up around the 3rd floor soon about all of our upcoming activities. We would love to have you!

      Conferences are an amazing thing to attend. I’ve only been to one, but I met a lot of great people and was really inspired. It’s a great networking and learning experience. Thanks for the luck and same to you!

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