Spring 2012

My Spring semester of library school started on Tuesday with my Cataloging class.  Every person I’ve talked to said that it’s a hard class, so naturally I am nervous.  Luckily our professor Dr. Yoo found out in our first class that, with the exception of one, we all have no cataloging experience whatsoever.  Maybe she’ll go easy on us.  I’m hoping my aptitude for organization will help me along.


Next on Wednesday was my Academic Library class also with Dr. Yoo.  I am on the academic and public library track, so this course goes over the basics of being an academic librarian and the types of things you’ll need to know when working in one.  (I am also taking the Public Library class with Dr. Abdullahi, but because he is at the ALA Midwinter Conference, we won’t have class until February)  I’ve been working in a public library for over a year now and it’s been a great experience, but I knew if I was going to be serious about getting into academic as well, I would need experience in an academic library.  My first thought was to return to my alma mater, Meredith College.  I had been emailing the head of the reference department, Ms. McClintock, but she hadn’t gotten back to me.  When I went to the campus to pick up a transcript yesterday, I decided to stop by and see if she was there.  She was and she was super nice.  She had gotten bogged down because she is acting Dean this semester and forgot to respond to my emails.  Anyway, they were full with interns for this semester, but she said that they would be happy to have me for Fall 2012!  I am so very excited! I can’t wait to get in there and learn all I can.  We talked about me doing some instruction if I wanted and doing mostly reference, but I can shadow the other departments if I like.  I am so ecstatic how things are coming together!


Right now, I am applying to two scholarships.  One is for all expenses paid to attend the IFLA conference in Helsinki in August.  I am just waiting on a transcript from NCCU.  My recommendations are done, my essay is done (thanks to Caris O’Malley for proofreading it for me!  He did the same for my essay for the NCLA conference scholarship and I got it, so he’s officially my good luck charm.), and the rest of the application is finished.  I just need to scan and upload my transcripts from Meredith and NCCU and I’ll submit!  The other one is for the PLA conference in Philadelphia in March during our spring break.  It only requires a 150 word essay about myself and why I want to go to the conference.  I don’t know if you know this, (I didn’t), but 150 words is barely anything!  It said to be creative and I did what I could, so we shall see if it’s enough.  The first is due Jan. 23rd and the second, Feb. 1st.  I’m nervous because I really, really, really want this.  Wish me luck!!


Back to my courses, my final course is Management of Information Systems.  I haven’t head much about it, but I think it won’t be too hard.  This one is also with Dr. Abdullahi.


I am taking 4 courses this semester, which is more than a full load.  The max is 3, but I got approval to do 4.  I hope I won’t regret it!  I’ve made a point to cut back my work hours this semester, so I will have plenty of time for reading and studying and writing papers, but I am still going to work 4 1/2 hours every Monday night at Cameron Village Public Library and Friday and every other Saturday (when I don’t have class) at Cracker Barrel serving.  The stipend I received covers all of my rent for the semester with a tad bit extra for gas, but I still need a little bit of money for anything else.  On top of all that, I have the ALA student chapter, a Spring colloquium that all IMLS scholars have to help organize, and I want to write at least one paper that is publishable or that I can submit or present about at a conference.


It should be a great time though because as it stands, I have a big trip planned for every month.  January was our cruise; February is a trip to Denver to reunite with my girls that I studied in Spain with; March is PLA; April is probably NYC with Patrick to see my friend Chelsea; May is the end of the semester and if all goes well, study abroad for two weeks in Denmark; June is ALA in California; July is the month of relaxation hopefully; and August if IFLA in Finland.  Overkill?


Let’s go Spring 2012!


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