Technology is Amazing!

Okay so my title might be a little overdramatic, but I just added a Twitter widget to my blog!  Thanks to CoCo, who you can find here New To The Blog World.., for simply adding it to her blog because I somehow missed that you could do that.

May I say again that technology is amazing! (No, there’s no question mark because that was rhetorical silly!)


I feel bad about that lame post, so here’s a little something for ya!

You will thank me!  If you haven’t been privy to Postsecret, believe me, it’s worth the time to get to know.  Basically, this guy randomly left self-addressed postcards in places with directions to write a secret on the card and send it back to him.  Well, it became a phenomenon and now he gets like millions of them.

I love to read other people’s secrets.  Sometimes you see a secret of your own and it makes you feel good knowing there’s someone else out there that feels like you do.  There’s this website and also there are books, which I own and LOVE!  I like getting to know little pieces of people.  I guess that’s why I studied Sociology with a minor in Psych in undergrad and am studying Library Science now.  I also own this book, It’s Complicated: The American Teenager.

Book Description

October 1, 2007

Robin Bowman’s five-year journey into the heart of teenage America created a series of 414 “collaborative portraits,” wherein she shares her discoveries of a generation now coming of age. In searing and intimate photographs, presented alongside the young people’s voices of passion, pride, embarrassment, lust, pain, bewilderment, anxiety, joy, uncertainty, and rage, the book charts the coming of age of the largest generation in America—77 million strong—in every region of the country and every socioeconomic group: from a Texas debutante to teenage gang members in New York City, from a drag queen in Georgia to a coal miner in West Virginia.

Bowman’s intimate photographs ask us to reconcile preconceived ideas and stereotypes of teenagers with the diversity of individuals in the portraits. This book and the traveling exhibition it accompanies are about the inside lives of these kids and how they see their reality in their own voices. (From



Fantastic!  Not only is technology amazing, people are pretty freakin’ amazing to0!


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