Sad News on the Occupation Front

The Occupy Wall Street protesters were pushed out by police.  And the library?…….Like the article says, the books are supposedly in a garage safe and sound, but a Twitter post said they were thrown into dump trucks.  I don’t know which is true, I wasn’t there, but I hope they didn’t throw the books away.  First, they could have at least recycled and second, they weren’t their books to throw away.  Plain and simple.  I’m worried that this will spawn the ousting of other Occupy sites, but I think it’s been going on long enough that it won’t do away with the protest completely.  At least that’s my hope.  I’m also hoping that through finding ways to keep going, they will also get more organized and push this thing to the next, practical level.  Make specific demands and let the government know what specifically needs to change.


2 thoughts on “Sad News on the Occupation Front

  1. I wrote today about the OWS library. I do hope that those books were not destroyed, and like you said, I hope that this doesn’t start a trend of dismantling the protests around the country.

    • I just read your post! Yeah, it makes me think it was all action and no thought on the part of the police and that’s frightening because that’s when things get violent. You know, when they start getting rid of things without thinking…..if that’s what happened. 🙂

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