The Art of Occupation

The Art of Occupation.

It’s amazing to me what the Occupation is spawning and it makes me think of how this will be viewed in years to come. This is our Woodstock….a cultural phenomenon that will identify our generation.


One thought on “The Art of Occupation

  1. I’ve seen two “Occupy”s in person, OccupyRaleigh and OccupyDuke. The protestors in each are probably a generation apart, but the overriding cause has brought a lot of people together. I haven’t been moved to join Occupy, but I’ve become much more interested in the subject of economics because of this movement. (Maybe this will come in handy if I ever become a reference librarian!) I kinda like to talk with some of the OccupyDuke folks sometime before the break. (I wonder if Thanksgiving break might be the end of the Occupy tents at in front of Duke Chapel.)

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