Nerd…I mean, Librarian Alert!!

I LOVE to cruise around on craft websites looking for things I can make and I came across this:


I’ve never seen the Anthropologie necklace this was based on, but I loved this the moment I saw it!  I just had to make it!

I ADORE IT!!  I’m going to wear it tomorrow to work at the library and to class.  🙂  My artist boyfriend suggested I make earrings as well, which I may very well do.  I wouldn’t wear them together of course, but it’s rare that I wear shirts that accommodate long necklaces like this, so it would be nice to be able to represent my librarian-ness whenever I please.


3 thoughts on “Nerd…I mean, Librarian Alert!!

  1. I just looked at this. It’s so awesome! I was just saying the other day that I couldn’t find any cool librarian movies or anything, besides the Mummy of course! 🙂 A fellow student turned me to a movie called Party Girl, but I haven’t seen it yet. It looks really awesome….now we just need one that has a female librarian protagonist.

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