Hello World, This is Me!

First, a little about myself.  I just started the Library Science graduate program at North Carolina Central University.  In a couple of years I will have my MLS and I’ll probably start out in a public library working to improve library services to the Spanish-speaking population.  I eventually want to get a second Master’s in Sociology or Cultural Anthropology and work in an academic library.

I just attended the 59th biennial North Carolina Library Association conference in Hickory, NC last week and I’m pumped!  I’m really excited about all of the opportunities for excellence the library science profession holds and I can’t wait to get started.  Because of technology, librarianship is changing so much and that’s why my tagline and website address include the line “Next Generation Librarian”.  Being new to the field, my fellow librarians and information technicians and I have the unique opportunity to redefine librarianship.

As part of this, I decided that I need to get with it and perfect my aptitude for technology.  I have tried and failed many times to keep up with a blog, but with this new boost, hopefully this time I will succeed.  I’m also going to start a Twitter account.  I’ve started and deleted one within a few days before because I realized that my life isn’t that interesting to supply constant updates to others, but, again, I need to make this a part of my world.  Follow me at @NexGenLibrarian!

I live, think, breathe libraries now, so the gist of this blog will be my life as a (Future) Librarian.

Enjoy and Wikipedia is not a reputable source!! 🙂


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